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Compressions socks for women
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  • Say goodbye to blisters thanks to the high-quality blend of materials and close fit.
  • Enjoy a feel-good effect of lighter legs from the improved supply of nutrients.
  • Compression minimizes exhausting muscle vibrations and gives you a boost of power.
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Animal Compression Socks for women: Eye-catching design + compression

Feel the energy of the Animal Compression Socks for women every time you run! The racy tiger design turns heads with its stylish look. Plus you get all the benefits of sophisticated technology as you chase after new best times. The activating compression effect is uplifting while the excellent support and perfect fit let you stay focused on what counts most: Giving it your all during training and competition.

Innovative medi compression for more speed, greater endurance and carefree running

Are you into long-distance running – or are sprints your thing? No matter what your preference, medi compression keeps your muscles fresher, enhances your performance and accelerates your recovery time. This is all possible thanks to an increased supply of nutrients through improved blood flow. The improved circulation also speeds up the removal of lactates and other metabolic waste products from your body. You feel this effect immediately in the form of lighter legs and a boost in performance.

No more unwanted breaks in training thanks to a perfect fit and less friction

Nobody wants to stop their training routine because of blisters. Runners who wear the compression socks for women by CEP Sportswear have an effective weapon against them: The high-quality blend of materials combined with the body-hugging design guarantees a perfect non-slip fit. The Animal Compression Socks eliminate unnecessary friction – the main cause of blisters.

Less muscle vibration for greater endurance and more power

You need to use your energy wisely to have enough power for the final sprint. And this means not wasting any, for example due to energy-consuming muscle vibrations. The Animal Compression Socks for women cushion these muscle vibrations every step of the way and help you run more efficiently. The positive effect this has on power and endurance should not be underestimated – it might just put you over the top and help you achieve your new personal best.

Get moving with the racy, performance-boosting Animal Compression Socks for women and order yours online from CEP Sportswear!

made-in-germany medi-compression-cep

84% polyamide, 16% spandex

40degree nicht-bleichen dryer nicht-bgeln keine-chemische-reinigung

CEP Sports offers high-tech functional clothing of excellent quality. Only proper care can ensure unrestricted functioning over a longer period of time.

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