Demanding – Activating – Enjoyable: CEP helps you activate your full potential and offers products for your entire body – with and without compression. 

Whether you’re a passionate runner or high-performance athlete – you want the best gear. CEP has just what you’re looking for and helps you reach your athletic goals with ease and enjoyment. CEP products activate and support various endogenous functions by applying physical pressure to your skin – during strenuous activities and while you recover. 

CEP’s success is rooted in its parent company medi, which has been producing high-quality medical compression products at its location in Bayreuth, Germany since 1951. CEP launched production of high-tech compression socks in 2007 based on the medical expertise of medi, a leading global manufacturer of medical compression products. CEP offers a wide range of products from socks and tights to shorts and shirts for the Running, Training, Hiking and Skiing segments. All of the products are developed in collaboration with renowned scientists, sports physicians, pro athletes and designers specifically for the respective sport and produced to the highest quality standards. 


The CEP Hiking product line grows and gets a technology update.


The CEP Top To Toe Apparel collections are successfully expanded.


The Run Socks 3.0 are launched as a technology highlight. 


CEP Winter Run Socks with merino wool are developed for running in cold weather.


Compression running socks are available in gold and silver to celebrate the 10th anniversary.


The Recovery Clonetech Tights are launched – the world’s first custom-tailored tights for recovery.


The first sports supports hit the German market.


The CEP sock family grows: The Short Socks are introduced.


The “Progressive Line” is introduced as a new design element and still adorns CEP socks to this day.


The Running Compression Shorts are launched as the first ones of their kind.


The first sock with the CEP logo leaves production. The rhombus design becomes the iconic emblem.


EP compression legwear is born.

CEP is a brand of medi.