Heartbeat Mid Cut Socks men

Compression socks for men
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  • Compression stimulates your joints with a deep sensory effect and reduces your risk of injury.
  • The skin-tight fit and innovative blend of materials help prevent blisters.
  • Anatomically positioned padded zones in the foot provide reliable cushioning – for more comfort and power.
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Heartbeat Mid Cut Socks – short compression socks for men with a pulsating design

Take advantage of the benefits of compression and start right with the new design by CEP Sportswear: The Heartbeat Mid Cut Socks for men give you more energy for a carefree running experience on long distances thanks to proven medi compression. Your pulse and your pace sync up, you get into the flow and you stay fully focused on reaching your runner’s high. These short men’s compression socks actively boost your performance and increase your stability while pleasantly cushioning your runs. You are well equipped for an effective workout.

Joint stabilisation for safer running

The Heartbeat Mid Cut Socks feature compression that stimulates your ankles with a deep sensory effect, which ultimately reduces your risk of injury when you run. You can sense the position of your joints better to maximise the accuracy of your footwork. This helps you concentrate on your breathing and running flow so you can enhance your performance without any distractions.

Carefree running without blisters

The close, non-slip fit and innovative blend of materials of the men’s compression socks guarantee friction-free running without blisters. Blisters won’t stop you any more: The Heartbeat Mid Cut Socks let you run the distance with ease and get your runner’s high.

Intelligent features for more comfortable running

Asymmetric toe boxes and anatomically positioned padded zones are two more exciting features that the short compression socks for men offer. The padded zones provide cushioning and reduce muscle vibrations that steal your energy while increasing your running comfort every step of the way.The perfect fit ensures that everything stays where it belongs for the greatest impact.

Buy the Heartbeat Mid Cut Socks now and start your training and competition right!

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86% polyamide, 14% elastane

40degree nicht-bleichen dryer nicht-bgeln keine-chemische-reinigung

CEP Sports offers high-tech functional clothing of excellent quality. Only proper care can ensure unrestricted functioning over a longer period of time.

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