Heartbeat Mid Cut Socks women

Compression socks for women
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  • Deep sensory stimulation increases your stability and reduces your risk of injury.
  • The proven blend of materials and skin-tight, non-slip fit help prevent blisters.
  • Padded zones provide cushioning in the foot to minimise muscle vibrations.
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Heartbeat Mid Cut Socks: Short women’s compression socks in a new design

Compression in a short and lightweight form – for runners with a heart: The Heartbeat Mid Cut Socks let you run the distance with ease and get your runner’s high. The unique comfort helps you stay focused and get in the flow as you feel the effects of the activating, stabilising and performance-enhancing compression. Great for training and competition: The new women’s compression socks clear the way to peak performance. Feel good and look great, too!

Deep sensory stimulation for carefree, safe running

The Heartbeat Mid Cut Socks reduce your risk of injury thanks to targeted compression with a deep sensory effect that stabilises your joints. This also increases your proprioception and activates a safe feeling when you run for even more power.

Train regularly – without blisters stopping you

Do blisters interrupt your routines? You can say goodbye to blisters with these short compression socks for women thanks to their perfect, close fit and proven blend of materials. This combination minimises foot friction and eliminates the number one cause of blisters.

Padded foot for added comfort

More comfort is always welcome when you run. Integrated padded zones in the Heartbeat Mid Cut Socks deliver on this promise. They improve cushioning in key areas and reduce energy-stealing muscle vibrations: You enjoy a more comfortable running experience and stay totally focused on your run.

You’ll be more than a heartbeat ahead of the competition in these compression socks for women. Buy the Heartbeat Mid Cut Socks by CEP now in the web shop!

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86% polyamide, 14% elastane

40degree nicht-bleichen dryer nicht-bgeln keine-chemische-reinigung

CEP Sports offers high-tech functional clothing of excellent quality. Only proper care can ensure unrestricted functioning over a longer period of time.

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