Ski Thermo Merino Socks women

Ski socks with merino wool for women
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  • medi compression improves the supply of nutrients to your muscles – for a feel-good effect with lighter legs.
  • Experience ultimate comfort, which comes from the anatomical design combined with a high-quality merino/synthetic blend.
  • The close fit and proven blend of materials increases your blood flow and guarantees perfect heat and moisture management.
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Ski Thermo Merino Compression Socks for women: Innovative thermal ski socks

Bitter cold outside, warm and comfy feet inside your boots – it’s possible with the Ski Thermo Merino Compression Socks for women! They perfectly combine performance and comfort and feature a high-quality blend of materials with merino wool for a pleasant warming effect. At the same time, compression activates your muscles and accelerates recovery. But wait, there’s more: The thermal ski socks for women are a real eye-catcher, too, with their Nordic look.

Compression for an optimal supply of nutrients

You notice the activating and invigorating effect of medi compression as soon as you hit the slopes. Your legs feel lighter and you have more energy. Accelerated blood circulation is the secret, which improves the supply of nutrients and removal of lactates. The positive effects even continue the next day: You recover faster and are fit again in no time.

Natural merino wool for effective heat and moisture management

Extra-fine merino wool has remarkable properties: It can absorb large amounts of moisture and quickly wick it away from the skin while also providing insulation from the cold. This prevents your feet from sweating. Merino has thermal balancing properties and prevents overheating. The functional synthetic in the fabric stabilizes the blend of materials to ensure that the Ski Thermo Merino Compression Socks have a snug, non-slip fit. But that’s not all: The thermal ski socks by CEP Sportswear have a plush-enhanced inner for unmatched wearing comfort.

Intelligent details for even more protection, support and comfort

To protect sensitive areas of your foot, these thermal ski socks for women feature strategically positioned padded zones with a cushioning effect that also optimizes the fit of your ski boots. Plus they have integrated air channels that prevent overheating or moisture from accumulating at the padded zones.

You’ll love the superior comfort of the Ski Thermo Merino Compression Socks for women: Buy them now online from CEP Sportswear!

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75% polyamide, 13% wool (merino), 12% spandex

30degree nicht-bleichen no-dryer nicht-bgeln keine-chemische-reinigung

CEP Sports offers high-tech functional clothing of excellent quality. Only proper care can ensure unrestricted functioning over a longer period of time.

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