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The CEP HIKING Collection is the perfect companion for your next mountain adventure. The CEP COMPRESSION HIKING SOCKS were developed specifically for outdoor use and thanks to medi’s innovative compression, they improve your accuracy, boost your stamina during your ascent and ensure perfect comfort.

The anatomically padded foot section in the CEP hiking socks ensures a wrinkle-free fit in your shoes and protects you from blisters and pressure points. You can stay completely focused on your hiking experience.

Get ready for your next adventure and get your CEP COMPRESSION HIKING SOCKS now – they are the perfect choice for every outdoor enthusiast!




Wandern mit KompressionWandern mit Kompression

How does compression help on hikes?

Hiking socks with compression work like the original medical products: They feature dense fabric and apply pleasant pressure to your ankles and calves.

Improved circulation: The gradual compression from the ankle to the calf improves circulation and helps transport oxygen and nutrients to your muscles faster. Your legs feel fresh and fatigue less quickly – perfect for long hikes.

Stabilization: Compression socks stabilize muscles and joints, which is a tremendous advantage, especially when hiking on uneven terrain. They reduce muscle vibrations and lower the risk of muscle cramps and injuries.

Perfect stay-put fit: Hiking socks with compression feature a wrinkle-free, snug design that helps prevent blisters and pressure points from forming while you hike.

All the advantages of CEP COMPRESSION HIKING SOCKS at a glance:

Blasenfrei Wandern mit KompressionBlasenfrei Wandern mit Kompression


Thanks to their wrinkle-free, compressive fit and premium material, these socks wrap around your foot like a second skin to prevent slipping and provide protection against blisters.

Trittsicherheit beim Wandern mit KompressionTrittsicherheit beim Wandern mit Kompression


We use merino wool and integrate strategically placed ventilation zones for cool, dry and pleasantly light feet – in any weather.

Leichte Beine beim Wandern mit KompressionLeichte Beine beim Wandern mit Kompression


The precisely defined medi compression profile stimulates blood circulation in your legs while you hike. This ensures an optimal supply of important nutrients to your muscles – for legs that feel fresh longer.

Stabile Gelenke beim Wandern mit KompressionStabile Gelenke beim Wandern mit Kompression


The compressive fit of the CEP hiking socks stimulates your muscles and joints with a deep sensory effect so that you are ready to hike in any terrain – for rock-steady footwork.

Find the right CEP hiking socks for your shoes

Wandern in Kompressions SockenWandern in Kompressions Socken

Choosing the right socks plays a key role in ensuring wearing comfort. Hiking without the right hiking socks is like sunbathing without sunscreen – you can do it, but not for long. To ensure this never happens to you, CEP has developed the perfect socks for different types of hiking boots – all in a variety of lengths. CEP COMPRESSION HIKING SOCKS are based on the official hiking boot categories. Find the right CEP COMPRESSION HIKING SOCKS for your hiking boots and begin your mountain adventure.

Bergschuhkategorie A-BBergschuhkategorie A-B


The LIGHT MERINO COMPRESSION SOCKS were developed specifically for light hiking shoes with flexible soles. Optimized ventilation at the sock shaft improves air circulation in hiking shoes. High-quality merino wool provides optimum heat and moisture management and keeps your feet nice and cool, even on warm days. Precisely positioned padded zones in the foot section offer targeted support and ultimate comfort, even on long hikes.


Bergschuhkategorie B-CBergschuhkategorie B-C


From your local mountain to multi-day treks – the MERINO COMPRESSION SOCKS were developed especially for mid-cut to high-cut hiking boots with stiffer soles to offer you the best comfort even on challenging hikes. The socks feature medium padding for comfortable cushioning and effective protection.

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How does compression help prevent blisters from forming?

Long hikes in particular are true stress tests for our bodies and our clothing because the permanent friction in the shoe paired with moisture act like an accelerator for blisters. CEP compression technology ensures these hiking socks fit your feet like a glove. The fit is exactly the same in the evening when you end your hike as it was in the morning when you started. Wrinkles, the main cause of skin irritation, are virtually impossible thanks to this technology.

Why should I wear compression socks instead of conventional socks when hiking?

Compared to regular socks, compression socks offer you much more comfort and protection while hiking. The compressive fit stimulates blood flow and keeps your legs feeling light and fresh. It also stabilizes your joints. But that’s not all. medi’s innovative compression improves body awareness, in this case proprioception in your ankles, and increases the accuracy of your footwork – which is essential, especially in challenging terrain.

Why add merino wool to hiking socks?

The CEP COMPRESSION HIKING SOCKS combine the natural heat and moisture management properties of merino wool with high-quality synthetic fibers for unmatched wearing comfort. They keep your feet warm when it’s cold out and they effectively wick away moisture when you sweat, keeping your feet cool and dry at all times. Another advantage: Merino wool neutralizes odors and is easy to care for.

How can I find the right CEP hiking socks for my hiking boots?

When choosing the right CEP COMPRESSION HIKING SOCKS, be sure to use your boots and your level of performance as a guide. Hiking shoes or boots are available in a range of categories that vary depending on use and terrain. Hiking shoes and boots are categorized by the stiffness of the soles, the type of material and the functionality of the shoes. Within this overall grouping, the footwear is further broken down into categories from “A”, which is the lowest to “D”, which is the highest.

How do I determine the right size for my CEP hiking socks?

Ensuring a good fit plays a key role in assuring comfort and preventing blisters while hiking. Compression socks should not be selected based on shoe size alone. It’s also important to measure the circumference of the calves to ensure pleasant compression and the optimum effect. It’s vital to make sure the socks have a firm fit but do not pinch. By the same token, they should not be too loose to prevent wrinkles from forming. If you choose to buy your new CEP COMPRESSION HIKING SOCKS online, use the size chart to find the right size. If the measurement is between two sizes, we recommend trying on the smaller size first. It’s essential to try new hiking socks on with your hiking boots to ensure they fit perfectly and offer you maximum comfort.




You need the right clothing for any weather! Long hiking tours through mountainous terrain or extended outings on vacation are fantastic. But you have to have the right clothes in case it gets a bit cooler or hotter. No matter what the challenge, our products keep you warm and dry – from the Outdoor Wingtech Shirts, Sleeves and Tights to the CEP Outdoor Merino Socks. The Merino Socks feature optimum heat and moisture management, which keeps your body temperature under control thanks to fibers that wick away moisture from the surface of your skin. In addition, the proprioceptive effect of compression enhances your coordination and your body responds more quickly to stimuli. The medi compression technology is key here for improved blood circulation and better oxygen supply to your muscles. What’s more, the socks are made in Germany. So you can expect them to last a very long time – even in extreme conditions. Whether you’re into via ferrata, high-alpine climbing or hiking in nature: Our premium products are essential gear and belong on your feet and legs. Face any challenge – with CEP.
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