What drives us? Making you stronger. Pushing your body to the next level. But we’re also there for you when times are tough. We protect your body during activity, stabilize it after injuries, help it to recover and conserve energy for when you need it most. With a passion for detail and design that incorporates medical expertise, we create products that make you stronger – with reliable and lasting effects. We listen to sports medicine specialists and professional athletes in order to fine-tune our products so that you get the most out of them – before, during and after sports. This is what we strive for in everything we do.


Prevention and regeneration

PREVENTION - Before and during activity

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STIMULATION: Improves circulation
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WARM-UP: Activates muscles
stabilisierung icon
STABILIZATION: Strengthens tendons and ligaments
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BALANCE: Reduces muscle vibrations
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HEAT AND MOISTURE MANAGEMENT: Feet stay dry and shoes fit better
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PROTECTION: Perfect fit prevents injuries and blisters

REGENERATION - After activity

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SUPPLY: Increases resting blood flow
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RECOVERY: Accelerates regeneration
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TO GO: Perfect for travel




For athletes, staying fit and healthy is the highest priority. This is why CEP developed highly innovative supports, sleeves and a posture-improving shirt in collaboration with top athletes, renowned sports medicine specialists and experienced physiotherapists. These high-tech compression products protect and stabilize your body and are optimized for high-impact workouts and sports.

The Wingtech Shirt gets you stand up (straight) to any challenge. The shirt’s unique design and the SMARTWINGTECH STRIPES send gentle reminders to help you maintain better posture. This means you breathe easier, run smoother and train more effectively. The best part: The sensorimotor stimulation helps strengthen your back muscles.


Markus Mingo

"The CEP Wingtech Shirt is very comfortable to wear and features the high quality you expect from this brand. It's perfect to motivate you to run fast and dynamically."

Markus Mingo, Trail Runner








Recovery is a key success factor for top performance in competition. Like a battery, your body needs to recharge efficiently so that you are always ready to deliver peak performance. Compression is the technology for smart recovery. An ergonomic compression profile promotes circulation and speeds up the removal of waste products such as lactates. This means less soreness, no tired legs and more energy in record time for the next stage of training and competition. Our recovery products are also the perfect companion on long trips.

The next round of training starts when the last one ends: No problem, thanks to the Recovery Pro Tights which promote faster recovery after intense training and competition. The precisely defined medi compression supports the recovery process in your leg muscles to replenish your energy reserves more quickly. This effectively fights sore muscles so that you recover in record time. The tights are also comfortable to wear under your clothes for everyday use.


Daniel Mullings

"Without wearing compression after hard workouts my legs usually feel trashed the next day. That’s why I use CEP Recovery Tights!"

Daniel Mullings, Shooting Guard on German pro basketball team medi Bayreuth (2015/16)




Whether your thing is cycling, teamsports, training or travel – what really counts is how you prepare and recover. We do everything to protect you from injuries and help you recover effectively after sports. To avoid injuries you need improved blood circulation, reinforced tendons and ligaments, reduced muscle vibrations, dry feet and a way to prevent blisters from forming in your shoes. And to accelerate recovery it is essential to increase your resting blood flow after sports and competition and on long trips. CEP Recovery clothing offers all this in one. The Recovery Socks and Recovery Tights are just what you need after sports. And our high-quality Sleeves with Recovery Compression offer additional protection and stability for ankles and joints.
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