4 Challenges


Pressure points
Ski boots are tight-fitting and press against your skin.

Cold feetTemperatures can fall well below freezing.

Cold feet
Temperatures can fall well below freezing.

Heavy legsMuscles get tired after long days on the slopes.

Heavy legs
Muscles get tired after long days on the slopes.

Foot blistersCaused by loose socks and creases in the fabric.

Foot blisters
Caused by loose socks and creases in the fabric.

CEP gives you more energy, greater endurance
and enhanced performance
for Wintersports

Ski Race Socks

Wintersports Products

Winter Run Socks
Winter Run Socks

Perfect heat regulation & injury prevention

£ 39.99
Winter Short Socks
Winter Short Socks

Protection against injuries & blisters

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Winter and CEP are the perfect match

Whether skiing, snowboarding, touring, cross-country or biathlon – being in the snow is twice as fun with socks and legwear from CEP. The improved circulation gives you more energy and fitter muscles. Many teams have long discovered the advantages of CEP, like the German Ski Teams in the German Ski Association (DSV): DSV athletes take advantage of the performance-enhancing benefits of CEP products on the world’s ski jumps, downhill slopes and biathlon routes. Thanks to the perfect fit and intelligently placed padded zones your feet feel great in your ski or snowboard boots. Cold, heavy legs are a thing of the past with CEP. The blend of materials featuring merino wool is breathable and wicks away sweat to keep your feet warm and dry. Wintersports were never this much fun!